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All right, here we go. This is 6704 Loon Circle. We just got this property, started to rehab. It had squatters in it, it’s in really bad condition. So wanted you guys to see what it looks like before. And then we’ll go through it after once we’re finished. Little bit of repairs have started, but not nearly what needs to be done. So come on in. And like I said, there were squatters living in here. They left whatever they wanted to. It’s one of the reasons we ended up getting this property, because the squatters wouldn’t leave. The homeowners were out of state and really didn’t know how to go about getting the people out of here, and then rehabbing the damage that they’ve done. And I’m not sure why people want to do this, but they throw Comet on their furniture when they move out, the stuff they can’t take, I’m not going to reuse it.

But yeah, I wish people would stop doing that. Cause it gets stuff on people’s clothes when they’re trying to move it out. It’s just, there’s no reason for it. If you walk through, every room, every wall, every door, every window is going to have to be touched. It’s completely destroyed. Appliances are destroyed. They just left this house in very bad condition. And really the homeowners didn’t know where to start. Didn’t know what to do. Couldn’t get the tenants out. I closed on the property and I got the tenants out within two weeks of me closing. Of course I had to work out a deal with the tenants. I could have evicted them. It would’ve took a little bit longer, or I can help them move. Give them a little bit of money, send them about their way. And that’s what we did in this case.

They definitely did not leave without leaving an impact. Even with their stuff. So you can see here, they … and my wife doesn’t want to step on this stuff. They, they left us with a good amount of stuff to take to the dump for them. But that being said, we were willing to do it just so they would go ahead and move along. All right. Here’s the first bathroom. You can see was a major leak they weren’t taking care of. They just let things mold and mildew under the vinyl that was here before. They left us their mattress. Anybody’s looking for some mattresses, we got you. You just hit me up. Come in here in the third bedroom. You can look. They had a window unit pumping here and then there’s mold inside the closet. We’re going to have to remediate that. Like every single door, window, everything has to be touched in this house. Completely. Some pretty good phone cases, if anybody needs some phone cases, let me know. Got you. In here the master bedroom, bathroom, there was a even worse leak. We haven’t tore that one out, but I’ll bring you to the back of the house and show you how the actual water was shooting down in the back of the house. Got a ceiling fan it’s in pretty good condition if anybody needs one? Gotcha. Free 99. All right, let’s go this way.

So this is considered the back porch, but it’s in the front yard. So we’ll be bringing a fence all the way up to the front to make this the backyard. All these are in bad condition. They’re all going to have to be replaced. And probably the third, and I wouldn’t say the main reason, I think the main reasons are the tenants, but the pool and the condition the pool is in. It’s one of the big reasons we got this property. We’re going to have to rehab this pool, new liner, replace all that needs to be replaced, and get this in good condition. And here on the backside of where the master bathroom was, you can see here where all the water was just shooting out. So there’s a lot of mold remediation to be done in the crawl space.

It’s a lot to do on this property. It was definitely a burden on the homeowner. We were able to come in, take that burden off his hands, but it’s going to be a project for us. And hopefully a month, a month and a half, you guys won’t be able to recognize this home. But if any, anybody has a house like this, that needs major repairs, has tenants that won’t move out. We may be able to help just go to
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